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Keyser Creek Farms

Family Freezer Teaser - 25lb/40lb

Family Freezer Teaser - 25lb/40lb

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Imagine a 'one-stop-beef-shop' right in your own home: an incredible selection of delicious, healthy cuts available whenever you need it… well, that's the Family Freezer Teaser.

Fill your freezer with a variety of mouth-watering beef choices - this bundle will help keep those dinner options new and exciting for the whole family every day of the week.

The 25lb box contains:
  • 6 steaks (~1-1.5lbs each)
  • 2 roasts (~3lbs each)
  • 2lbs stew meat
  • 2lbs sliced steak (stirfry/fajita beef)
  • ~6lbs ground beef

The 40lb box has:

  • 8 steaks (~1-1.5lbs each)
  • 3 roasts (~3lbs each)
  • 4lbs stew meat
  • 4lbs sliced steak (stirfry/fajita beef)
  • ~11lbs ground beef 

We balance the order and choose your selection of steaks and roasts from the following cuts:
Steaks: prime rib, T-bone, striploin, sirloin tip, sirloin, blade, round

Roasts: top sirloin, blade, eye of round, rump, sirloin tip, chuck

BY THE WAY: if 40lbs still isn't big enough, or you've tried this bundle before and are ready to go bigger, take a look at the bulk beef deposits - an 1/8 is approximately 60lbs, while a whole is 480lbs. It may sound intimidating, but we'd love to help walk you through what that looks like, and then we can show you what it really looks like to fill a freezer!      

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    Keyser Creek Farms is located in a small village in Southwestern Ontario, called Keyser.

    Half way between London and Sarnia, we are easy to get to - only 5 minutes north of the 402 highway
    (and yes - we're on a paved road!)

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