We currently are offering FREE FREEZERS when you purchase a Half or Whole Beef share!

Storage doesn't need to a be a stumbling block to ensuring your family has a stable supply of healthy food, conveniently at your fingertips!

Sourced from our own local appliance dealer, these brand new units are backed by a full warranty


Welcome to the Farm

Keyser Creek Farms is a family run, certified organic beef and dairy operation in Southwestern Ontario. Our focus on regenerative agriculture and clean foods means that everything we do is aimed at creating the healthiest food possible for our entire community.

We have been selling beef for decades, and now we are finally online to share it across Ontario. Our goal is to make everything about the online farm-to-freezer shopping experience simple. So, we offer the classic whole, half, and quarter beef for patrons who are ready to fill their freezers; as well as a variety of smaller mixed beef bundles if you don't have space for larger orders or just want to try it out before you go big! We are committed to delivering an easy online checkout, and we'll even ship our farm-to-freezer beef directly to your doorstep!

Yes, we're farmers, but we're parents and shoppers too! We understand how important it is to know, and have confidence in, the products that you're buying - because that's what we want too. We believe an educated customer is the best customer, and that you are the ONLY one who really knows what is going to be the best for your family - you're just looking for the right food from the right source.

So, we're committed to continually sharing news and information about how we farm, and building our FAQS Learning Center so you can check out common questions like:

What is the difference between 'grass-fed' and 'grain-fed', and which one is 'better'?
How does farming organically change the quality of meat? Is it really any better?
Do you use hormones, or antibiotics on your farm? What about GMOs or pesticides?

And we're always open to answering any questions about how we raise our beef, and run our farm!

You can be sure that every animal is born right here on our farm and raised with the guiding principles of regenerative and organic farming. Throughout their entire lives, we focus on top quality feed and animal welfare because we believe this is essential for providing a quality product that is healthy for families and healing for the environment.

We've made it our mission to help busy families create delicious meals. Whether they're fast fixes when you're on-the-go, or savoury dinners for celebrations with friends and family - our selections provide 'in-your-freezer' convenience with premium quality, organic beef.

Because who doesn't want peace of mind at dinner time?


If you're here, then you're someone who cares about the quality of the food you're eating. You're asking questions, learning more, and trying to figure out if our farm is right for you.


  • Free from antibiotic use and vaccines throughout its entire life
  • Free from any synthetic hormone treatments
  • Humane and compassionate handling
  • We never feed crops with GMOs, pesticides (or any other -cides) in their diet

We stand behind our products and our family farm name with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We're confident in our beef and we believe you should be too!

When it comes to farm-to-freezer beef...

It's important to understand that there are actually different ways farmers price it: typically, hanging weight vs packaged weight. There are various names used across the industry for these two methods - but which is which, and what exactly are they?

We want to help you sort out the lingo, because we believe real confidence comes with learning and understanding, not marketing. So, it's our responsibility to help you understand what each sales method actually offers because it makes the price look A LOT different! We all know that just because something is "on sale" doesn't make it the best or cheapest option. As a shopper, I want to know that I'm comparing similar products, and then I want to see the unit price. It's all about comparing apples to apples - or, in this case, steaks to steaks!

So, what are you actually getting for your money? Here's a quick comparison.
(For more details on weights - click the button below to go to our Learning Center)

  • Hanging Weight

    * also called 'carcass weight' or 'dressed weight'

    * immediately after steer is butchered

    * includes bones

    * around 60% of live weight

    * typically between $5-8/lb

  • Packaged Weight

    * also called 'final', 'cut', 'boxed', or 'take home' weight

    * after all hanging, cutting and packaging is complete

    * only includes retail cuts; bones/organ meat can be added in

    * around 60% of HANGING WEIGHT - or 36% of live weight

    * typically around $10-13.30/lb

Why Choose Keyser Creek Farms?

Our farm-to-freezer beef is an efficient and economical way to invest in variety of choice, food security, and amazingly fresh and delicious organic, grass-fed beef.

Here at Keyser Creek Farms:

  • we specialize in selling beef by the whole, half, or quarter; and we've put together smaller variety boxes to suit every home!

  • we price our bulk beef by the PACKAGED WEIGHT at a set poundage so you know exactly what it costs and exactly how much you're getting

  • our farm is certified organic, and we humanely raise our animals according to principles of regenerative farming for a sustainable future

  • BEST FED - we know that 'you are what you eat' rings true for animals too! We give them the best - so you get the best.

  • we go above and beyond beef industry standards in all aspects of cow comfort!

  • as low as $12.97/lb - even for your tenderloin, T-Bones, and prime rib steaks!

  • all orders over $250 receive FREE SHIPPING

For this, you don't need to be a butcher or a farmer, but you're definitely going to need a freezer!


How do I buy online?

It’s simple.

First, you place the order in the Farm Store.
Then, the steer goes from our farm to the butcher, where it is processed and packaged.
We pick it up when it's ready, and bring it back to store in our own freezers.
Next, we pack your order and ship it out (the courier literally picks your order out of our freezer!).
Finally, it shows up on your door (or you can opt for on farm pickup - and we'll give you a discount!)

See - simple!

Just put it in your freezer, and you'll have your own quality, organic, delicious beef at your beck and call.

PS. We understand that some people are not comfortable purchasing online. Please just give us a call, and we will be happy to take your order over the phone. Online stores aren't for everyone - but our beef is!


Learn more about Farm-to-Freezer bulk beef

Lots of people hesitate when you talk about buying a SIDE OF BEEF or a WHOLE beef....

What does that even mean? How much beef do you get? How long does it take?
Do I have to take the bones - I don't know what I would with them...

That's okay - they are all great questions - and we are confident that once you know the answers, you'll be so on board with the idea of filling your freezer with beef, you're going to call up family and friends just to brag about the deal you just made.

Family and friends, by the way, are great people to SHARE a larger order with if you don't have space for a whole beef, but you want everyone to benefit from the great price!

Before putting a deposit down, we highly encourage you to read through our FAQs Learning Center. This is where we've tried to answer and explain all the questions you might have about buying big - but if we've missed anything PLEASE LET US KNOW! Sometimes we forget that what is normal to us, is really new to others. If it helps you, it'll probably help others!

  • "The beef is great!

    Had some friends over on the weekend and we cooked that rump roast for 11 hours (low and slow), mmmm.  

    Also, I checked out your website, and I must say it looks extremely professional. The site is easy to maneuver and click through.” 

    - Terry

  • "Thank you for all the support your family has given us!"

    Ailsa Craig and Area Food Bank

  • "Thank you very much for the barn tour you offered. That was very generous of you. My kids and I really enjoyed it!

    As soon as I came home, we made steaks for dinner and your beef tasted fantastic!"

    - Roy, Appin


    As farmers, our entire livelihood revolves around making the best food products possible, and we are proud to put our name on it.

    From ensuring our animals are healthy and well cared for, to processing and packaging a great variety of quality organic products - we aim to make every step of the process best-in-class.

    We understand there is often hesitation buying food online, so we want you to feel confident that the product you are getting is backed by a solid guarantee.

    If there is anything about our product that does not meet your satisfaction - call us, and we will make it right.

    You're putting a lot of trust in us, and we want you to be a customer for life!