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If I order bulk beef - how much meat will I get?

The main options for bulk beef are:

Whole - 480lbs - ($12.97/lb)
Half - 240lbs - ($13.75/lb)
Quarter - 120lbs - ($14.09/lb)
Eighth - 60lbs - ($14.49/lb)

It is typical to receive 1/2 of the weight as various steaks and roasts, and 1/2 the weight in ground beef.

What different cuts will I get?

Our butcher provides the following cuts for your Farm-to-Freezer order:

Tenderloin, Prime Rib, T-Bone, Striploin, Top Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, Blade, Round

Prime rib, Top Sirloin, Chuck, Rump, Eye of Round



**If you are interested in the bones or organ meat with your bulk beef share - please contact us to arrange this.

How long before I receive my order if it's being shipped?

This is a much bigger process that just a boxed bundle of collected cuts. It takes some time, and open communication.

I'll explain.

We only ship cows every two weeks, so if you put a deposit down right after a ship date, it may be 2 weeks before the steer is butchered. We will contact you let you know the expected hook date.

It will hang 12-14 days in the freezer before the butcher cuts and packages the final beef.

When we get the call from the butcher that the meat is ready, we will contact you to update
you on your timeline.

Once the beef is back on farm, the shipping timeline will be similar to regular shipments.

Do you sell the bones?

Yes. They are available on the products page for only $5.75/lb.

What is 'Hanging Weight"?

Here are the basics of weighing bulk beef for butchering:

Live Weight - how much the steer weighs when it's alive (makes sense, right?)

Hanging Weight - after the steer is butchered and hanging on a hook, but ready for the freezer. It still includes all the bones. It is typically around 60% of the live weight.

Packaged Weight - after all final cutting and wrapping, this is the final take home weight. This is typically around 60% of the HANGING WEIGHT.


    Saturday mornings: 9am - 12 noon

    Most orders will be ready the Saturday following your online purchase date.

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    We use a local refrigerated truck courier service to ensure your beef shows up fast and frozen!

    We always ship orders on Mondays or Tuesdays to ensure your package doesn't get caught in transit over the weekend.

    Your beef should arrive in 1-2 days from leaving the farm.

    All orders over $250 receive FREE SHIPPING.


    Keyser Creek Farms is located in a small village in Southwestern Ontario, called Keyser.

    Half way between London and Sarnia, we are easy to get to - only 5 minutes north of the 402 highway
    (and yes - we're on a paved road!)

    Please see our map for shipping boundaries, and contact us for a shipping quote.

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