Why a Subscription Box option?

  • Smaller, more frequent orders will fit easily into your current freezer storage option

  • Healthy, local, organic, grass-fed & finished beef.... conveniently at your fingertips every day!

  • Doorstep delivery at no extra charge! Never forget your pickup date and time again (trust me, I did it MANY times this summer with our local veggie box)

  • Versatility: We'll have options to build on in the summer with a Grill Box, or add extra ground beef to next month's order

  • SWEET BONUS PRODUCTS: We're already working on lining up other small, local businesses who may want to add on, or we'll find some delicious bonus samplers to highlight our awesome local shops and products!

We'll provide:

  • help choosing the box that's just right for your family!

  • a heads up on the chosen cuts each month, making it easy to meal plan ahead of time and shop grocery sales

  • We'll share with you how to cook it! Family friendly recipes to match, with easy printable recipe cards

  • access to new local partnerships with FREE bonus sample products!

  • helpful reminders about upcoming delivery dates

A work in progress...

These are current bundles that we offer for a general idea, but we will likely offer a few different size options of a general variety box, as well as some add-ons for customization!

WE WILL BE ABLE TO OFFER LOWER PRICING WITH SUBSCRIPTION BOXES - we're crunching numbers now so that we can get close to bulk pricing!