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Keyser Creek Farms

DEPOSIT: Quarter Beef - 120lbs ($14.09/lb)

DEPOSIT: Quarter Beef - 120lbs ($14.09/lb)

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The remaining balance of $1267 must be paid before your order can be shipped. 

By reserving your 120lbs of organic, grass-fed beef, you'll guarantee:

  • You get an incredible assortment of certified organic beef
  • Outstanding quality and flavour
  • The average cost per pound is only $14.09/lb across the board!
  • Support for a local family business
  • You know where your food comes from and how it's raised
  • A food secure family future
  • FREE SHIPPING  (or even get $$ OFF by picking up your order)


  1. Place your deposit today to reserve your quarter beef!
  2. One of our premium organic, grass-fed steers will head to our local butcher. 
  3. When your beef is packed and ready to be shipped, we'll email you an invoice for the remaining balance of $1267.
  4. We will ship out the Monday/Tuesday after receiving your final payment, or you're welcome to pickup on-farm where you'll get a barn tour and $50 OFF your order!

But what cuts will I get? And how many of each?
Great questions!  A quarter beef is 120lbs of assorted cuts: divided into 40lbs of steaks, 20lbs of roasts, and 60lbs of ground beef.

Here is an example of a recent whole cow order:

STEAKS (Approx. # of each cut)
**Other steaks that may be included prime rib, striploin. 
Tenderloin        x3   
Ribeye              x8    
T-Bone             x7  
Top Sirloin        x4  
Sirloin Tip         x3   
Round              x4    
Blade                x5

ROASTS (Approx. # of each cut)
**Other roasts that may be included prime rib, blade, steak. 
Top Sirloin        x1    
Chuck               x2    
Rump               x2     
Eye of Round    x1     

GROUND BEEF (Approx. # of lbs)
Ground Beef     x61

Other Cuts
Stewing Beef    x3  

Details on cuts
Steaks are cut to a 3/4" thickness, and are typically 1-1.5lbs each.
Roasts are typically 3-4lbs each.


1) All orders over $250 qualify for FREE SHIPPING. 

2) BULK BONUS: ON FARM PICKUP – We will provide $50 OFF THIS ORDER if you come to the farm and say hello! This is a great way to actually see the farm, ask us questions, and save money.  (The discount will be manually applied to the remaining invoice amount)


Looking for an even lower $/lb? Check out our WHOLE BEEF for only $12.97/lb.
If you haven't read our Learning Center page where we answer lots of common questions on ordering bulk, we recommend you do so.  We truly want to help you become an expert on farm-to-freezer beef, and ensure you are both comfortable and excited about your purchase.  If you have any other questions, PLEASE ASK!


We hope you're excited to experience something new here with us: both the peace of mind knowing where your top-quality, organic beef comes from, but also the new tastes, textures and flavours that will be right at your fingertips! 

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100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Shop with confidence knowing our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is always in your corner!

Our Guarantee Policy

    Saturday mornings: 9am - 12 noon

    Most orders will be ready the Saturday following your online purchase date.

    We'll contact you to confirm pick up - and to see if you're interested
    in a barn tour!

    Map us 

    We use a local refrigerated truck courier service to ensure your beef shows up fast and frozen!

    We always ship orders on Mondays or Tuesdays to ensure your package doesn't get caught in transit over the weekend.

    Your beef should arrive in 1-2 days from leaving the farm.

    All orders over $250 receive FREE SHIPPING.


    Keyser Creek Farms is located in a small village in Southwestern Ontario, called Keyser.

    Half way between London and Sarnia, we are easy to get to - only 5 minutes north of the 402 highway
    (and yes - we're on a paved road!)

    Please see our map for shipping boundaries, and inquire for a shipping quote.

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