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Our 'Better Together' initiative is a fundraising effort in partnership with the Strathroy Salvation Army Food Bank to provide a healthy source of protein to families in our local community struggling through hard times.

Food is an absolute essential, it's a primary need, and it is becoming more and more difficult for families, right here in our own communities, to access healthy options. Many food drives do an incredible job gathering non-perishables; but fresh meat is not typically a common food bank item.

This "Better Together" Fundraiser is designed to bring family, friends, and supporters from far and wide to help put healthy food on the table for those needing a helping hand in their current situation.

As owners of Keyser Creek Farms, we, Ron & Kathryn Minten, are personally committing to provide a $20 gift certificate to the Strathroy Salvation Army Food Bank for every $100 of product purchased by those in our community willing to participate in this fundraiser. All you need to do is enter a code at checkout, and your total purchase price will get added to the community contribution. By purchasing your beef from our farm, rather than the local grocery store, together we can help feed other families in our local community.

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When will the Food Bank receive their gift cards?

As we track the community total, we will provide Gift Cards to the Salvation Army Food Bank of Strathroy AS WE GO. We could wait until September, and give them one big amount... but did you know that more kids are in need of healthy food during the summer months because they don't have access to school food programs? Ya - they need it now.

Shipping Details

We use top-quality insulation and cooling products (recyclable and reusable!) to pack your frozen order. This means we can ship all over Ontario - so even friends and family from farther away can support this cause, and have delicious, organic beef too.

Orders over $250 receive FREE SHIPPING.

We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays because we don't want your package to get stuck in weekend transit. Our reliable, local courier service ensures your beef should arrive within 1-2 days. Fast and frozen!

OPTION: Pick up at the farm

You are welcome to come visit the farm to pick up your order. Pickup times are Saturday mornings from 9am-12noon. If Saturday mornings do not work for you, please contact us to arrange another possible pickup time.

This is a great opportunity to come and see the farm for yourself - we enjoy giving barn tours!

We'll give a $20 gift card for every $100 of community purchases!

Yup - a $20 gift card for every $100 of beef that you, and the entire community, order together from Keyser Creek Farms. We will calculate the total by accumulating every cent of the orders - we're not expecting exact $100 increments on individual orders. Every penny counts!

PLEASE NOTE: This even includes bulk sales of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, or whole cows.... not just on the deposit.

How about finding a few friends and putting together a larger order that you can split?

Imagine stocking your own freezer, knowing that you all got the best price available buying bulk, AND the Strathroy Salvation Army Food Bank will receive over $1200 of beef to provide to others in our community.

Some of the products we offer....

Remember - we will donate a $20 Gift Card for every $100 of beef purchased! ( Click "View All" to shop now )

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  • Locally Owned Family Farm

    We, Ron & Kathryn Minten (and all our kids!), run Keyser Creek Farms - an organic beef and dairy operation.

    We are second generation farmers, and enjoy raising our family out in the country on Kerwood Rd., just minutes north of of the 402 Highway, between Strathroy and Parkhill.

  • Organic Farming Principles

    Our farm has been certified organic since 2007, and we are committed to principles of regenerative agriculture.

    We are committed to producing top-quality beef, and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products.

  • Farm-to-Freezer Bulk Beef

    Check out our wide selection of bundles - from Steak Boxes to assorted Grilling Packs, Slow Cook specials to a complete freezer assortment.

    We have bundles in all sizes and price ranges; and we specialize in bulk beef sides - enjoy the full Keyser Creek experience with a whole, half, or quarter beef.

  • Ready to Ship across Ontario

    Using recyclable and reusable shipping materials, we are ready to ship our beef right to your doorstep. We keep the shipping process simple and convenient.

    All orders over $250 ship FREE!

    *Northern Ontario customers - contact us for a shipping quote.


If you have specific questions about our beef, the farm, or shipping, please contact us (not the food bank).

However, if you have questions about the services provided by the Salvation Army Food Bank, including volunteering opportunities... definitely contact Lisa. She will answer any questions you might have.

Just one

Your contribution will make an immediate impact on an individual in our community.

Please help us to gather support for those who are in need.


"Thank you very much for the barn tour you offered. That was very generous of you. My kids and I really enjoyed it! As soon as I came home, we made steaks for dinner and your beef tasted fantastic!"  - Roy

"They have generously filled our freezers with donations! [...] Thank you! Our new and soon-to-be mama's, as well as the few little ones, really benefit from the nutrition." - Danielle, Gianna Home for Life and Family

"We felt we were in the presence of people doing something really special in agriculture, work and family." - Mark