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Keyser Creek Farms

1/8 Beef - 60lbs ($12.97/lb)

1/8 Beef - 60lbs ($12.97/lb)

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Why buying a 1/8 beef direct from Keyser Creek Farm is awesome:

  • You get an incredible 60lbs of assorted certified organic beef
  • Outstanding quality and flavour
  • The average cost per pound is only $12.97/lb across the board!
  • Support a local family business
  • You know where your food comes from and how it's raised
  • Food security can never be overrated
  • FREE SHIPPING  (or even get $$ OFF by picking up your order at the farm)

But what cuts will I get? And how many of each?
Good questions, here is an example of a recent 1/8 cow order of 60lbs:

Approx. 20LBS of assorted steaks
Tenderloin        x3   
Ribeye              x8    
T-Bone             x7  
Top Sirloin        x4  
Sirloin Tip         x3   
Round              x4    
Blade                x5

Approx. 10lbs of assorted roasts
Top Sirloin        x1    
Chuck               x1        
Eye of Round    x1     

Approx. 30lbs of ground beef
Ground Beef     x30

Other Cuts
Stewing Beef    x1  

Details on cuts
Steak cuts:
 tenderloin, ribeye, T-bone, striploin, sirloin tip, sirloin, round, blade 
Our steaks are cut to a 3/4" thickness, and are typically 1-1.5lbs each.
Roasts: prime rib, top sirloin, blade, eye of round, rump, sirloin tip, and chuck
Roasts are typically 3-4lbs each.

 MORE!?  Choose on-farm pick to save $$! 


1) FREE SHIPPING - All orders over $250 qualify for FREE SHIPPING. Courier services will ensure our product hits your doorstep fast and frozen.

2) ON FARM PICKUP – We will provide $25 OFF THIS ORDER if you come to the farm and say hello! This is a great way to actually see the farm, ask us questions, and save money. (The discount will be manually applied to the remaining invoice amount)

If you haven't read our FAQs page where we answer lots of common questions on ordering bulk, we recommend you do so.  We truly want to help you become an expert on farm-to-freezer beef, and ensure you are both comfortable and excited about your purchase.  If you have any other questions, PLEASE ASK!

We hope you're excited to experience something new here with us: both the peace of mind knowing where your top-quality, organic beef comes from, but also the new tastes, textures and flavours that will be right at your fingertips! 



Care Instructions

Our beef is coming to you frozen. Please make sure you get it packed into your freezer as soon as possible. Once meat has been thawed, it SHOULD NOT be refrozen until after it is properly cooked.

Healthy Eating Guarantees

Keyser Creek Farms is certified organic with Centre for Systems Integration (CSI) - a third party organization that enforces the organic policies set forward by the Canadian government.

You can be 100% sure that your beef (and everything to do with raising our cattle) is:

  • Pesticide Free
  • GMO Free
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Certified Organic

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100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Shop with confidence knowing our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is always in your corner!

Our Guarantee Policy
  • "The beef is great!

    Had some friends over on the weekend and we cooked that rump roast for 11 hours (low and slow), mmmm.  

    Also, I checked out your website, and I must say it looks extremely professional. The site is easy to maneuver and click through.” 

    - Terry

  • "Check out Keyser Creek Farms!
    They have generously filled our freezers with donations!

    They provide local-raised, family-owned beef [...].

    Thank you! Our new and soon-to-be mama's as well as the few little ones really benefit from the nutrition."

    Gianna Home for Life and Family

  • "Thank you for all the support your family has given us!"

    Ailsa Craig and Area Food Bank

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    Saturday mornings: 9am - 12 noon

    Most orders will be ready the Saturday following your online purchase date.

    We'll contact you to confirm pick up - and to see if you're interested
    in a barn tour!

    Map us 

    We use a local refrigerated truck courier service to ensure your beef shows up fast and frozen!

    We always ship orders on Mondays or Tuesdays to ensure your package doesn't get caught in transit over the weekend.

    Your beef should arrive in 2-3 days from leaving the farm.

    All orders over $250 receive FREE SHIPPING.


    Keyser Creek Farms is located in a small village in Southwestern Ontario, called Keyser.

    Half way between London and Sarnia, we are easy to get to - only 5 minutes north of the 402 highway
    (and yes - we're on a paved road!)

    Please see our map for shipping boundaries.

    Shipping Map